Today’s Look

As always, hair and makeup by my Mum. If you want to know what she used, ask. 

This Month’s Ipsy Glam Bag

My June Ipsy Glam Bag: If you want to have awesome beauty products sent to your door every month for $10, then sign up at Ipsy! 

Today’s Look

As always, hair and makeup by Mum. If you want to know which products were used, ask. 

Today’s Look

Mum finished early with me. If you want to know which products were used, ask… 

New Manicure! 

Made possible by nails from ByMimiNails, my glass file from Mont Bleu, and my mum! 

A Present to Myself 

I bought this beautiful necklace from Billy Rebs’ Etsy shop, though I could have done so on his website too.  The necklace features Anubis, two asps, a scarab, and an ankh. I love it. 

Today’s Look

As always, if you want details about which products we’re used, just ask. I hope you enjoy! 

Peachy Box: A Review

I recently subscribed for the Bellini (deluxe) version of Peachy Box, a new monthly subscription box that focuses on life as a whole, not just makeup. The Peach Bellini costs $34,99 each month, and it’s definitely worth the money.  As I’d subscribed to receive the first box ever, I not only received the Bellini box, I…

Look of the Day

Mum gave me a red smokey eye!  As always, if you want to know which products were used, ask. 

Mont Bleu Wooden Boar Bristle Hairbrush Review

First of all, isn’t it gorgeous?! The fine craftsmanship makes one stand up and take notice. The Swarovski crystals are the icing on the cake, taking an already gorgeous brush and kicking it up to the next level.  I’ve never owned a boar bristle brush (yes, I am aware that flexible plastic bristles are interspersed…

Mont Bleu Glass Nail File- A Review 

I was given my file by Mont Bleu for review purposes.  First and foremost, look at how beautiful it is; all dolled up with Swarovski crystals in a daisy design! I had a really difficult time putting it to use because I wanted to put it on display instead and preserve its pristine condition. I…