Skin Care Made Easy- Acure Organics Aromatherapeutic Rose Argan Oil 

THIS is my go to moisturizer; I don’t use anything else and I don’t intend to do so either. Why would I when I already use such a great product? (A note to my readers: the lip and eye cream from The Organic Pharmacy isn’t a moisturizer, so despite the fact that I’m using this on a trial run, that doesn’t mean I’m lying about using only the Argan oil as a moisturizer.) 

I’ve been using it both day and night since last summer when I bought a bottle on a whim and I haven’t looked back since. Despite being an oil, it’s easily absorbed into the skin, moisturizes deeply and thoroughly, even if your skin is very dry (which mine is, due to Sjogren’s Syndrome). It doesn’t irritate the skin and it doesn’t cause breakouts of acne or rashes either. It’s just gentle moisture that feels and smells good. 

Aside from the rose Argan oil (which contains rose geranium a d lemongrass),  Acure Organics offers a coconut scented one, a citrus Ginger one, and an unscented. They also offer other oils if Argan isn’t your thing. I stick with the rose because I love the smell. 

In regard to price,  it’s $12.99 for a one fluid ounce bottle. Since it only takes a small amount of product to thoroughly moisturize the face, a bottle lasts me nearly two months. I’d definitely call that cost effective. 

I can’t recommend this product enough. Seriously, go to Acure Organics and buy yours today. If you happen to get the coconut or citrus ginger, let me know! 


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