Review: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

This was given to me for free by Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. 

Upon opening the deodorant, I was hit by the scent, which, in my opinion is a blend of floral scents and linen. It smells much like a Febreeze or Glade air freshener. It’s certainly not a bad scent, it’s just interesting that any scented product with the word “clean” in it’s description tends to have this sort of odour. 

Though it is an opaque solid in the container, it is invisible on the skin when it’s applied and leaves no out stains, just as promised on the box. Isn’t it great when a product lives up to its claims? 

It’s been doing a smashing job of keeping me dry and clean smelling ever since I applied it – even through three major hot flashes that left my hair, face, and much of my body drenched in sweat. 

My verdict: If it can keep me dry through hot flashes, it can keep you dry throughout your day. Go ahead and drop the  $7.99 on it. 


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