Review: Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow

I received a container of Marsk eyeshadow in the colour “You’re Toast” in my February Glam Bag from Ipsy. I had never heard of the brand before this. I don’t think the colour resembles toasted bread as much as it does a shimmering champagne (but opinions vary.) 

This eyeshadow is highly pigmented; you don’t need to load your brush to get a good amount of colour across your eyelid and it blends like a dream. It’s also versatile: Wear it alone for a “natural”look, use it as a highlight shade on darker makeup jobs, use it as a transition colour, use it on your eyelid as part of a cut crease, use it as a highlighter on your face… 

I’m glad I got it as part of my subscription, because a container of it costs $22.50 and there are much more recognizable brands that offer eyeshadow singles that work just as well (ColourpopAnastasia Beverly Hills, and Nyx just to name a few) or even entire palettes (Morphe) for less or a little more, depending on size (35 colour palettes at Morphe run from $19.99-$22.99).

My verdict: Stick with the other brands, unless you’re feeling adventurous. You’ll get the same excellent pigment and performance for less… or even an entire palette for a comparable price. 


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