New Perfume

I purchased it from Red Deer Grove on Etsy. (If you’re going to look them up on Etsy, do so as RedDeerGrove. Oh, and they offer perfume oils as well as mists, so you have the choice.) 

It’s a very complex perfume. The site says that it’s made of honeysuckle, dragon’s blood, frankincense, Indian jasmine, myrrh, dark patchouli, black cinnamon bark, blood orange, green tea, clove, cranberry, and spiced lime. Just reading the ingredients convinced me I should have a bottle, as I like complex scents with layers, of scent that intertwine to create something “magical”. 

I sprayed some in the air to get a whiff of it, and I’m in love! I think I have a new signature scent, or at least one to switch from on occasion (my normal scent is Chanel Égoïste Platinum for Men.) Based upon what I’ve smelled of Hecate thus far, I know I’ll be buying more from them. 

Update: I put some on at bedtime and I could still smell it in the morning. Talk about long-lasting! I will definitely buy more perfume from them.I’m in love! 


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