Retail Therapy 

I engaged in some, and here’s what I bought:

1. A moon headdress from TheCharmedMaiden with attached face chain. 

2. Two bottles of nail Polish from ilnpbrand– one is called “Long Walks”and the other is called “Champagne Blush”. (Ilnpbrand sells only nail polish, but they have a massive selection and the quality is superb.) 

3. At SpectrumCosmetic, I got a loose mineral eye shadow palette where the colours are inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. (SpectrumCosmetic doesn’t just sell makeup; they sell nail polish as well. I own a few of their nail polishes, and I can attest they are of good quality.) 

4. Last, but certainly not least, I ordered a set of decorated gel nails from Aya1gou. She was gracious enough to accept a custom order and make mine stiletto nails, because I didn’t want round tip. (I recommend giving her shop a look through because she has so many beautiful and kawaii nails to choose from!) 

(These are all shops on Etsy if you hadn’t figured it out by now.) 

 What do you think of my purchases? 


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