A New Palette Has Found a Home

When I was browsing the Etude, House website, I KNEW I had to have one. Thankfully, I found a private American seller on Ebay who sells Korean cosmetics with free shipping who had one. That way, I was, able to get my palette faster for less money. 

It came in the post today. I purposely listened for the sound of the postman, got myself in my wheelchair, and opened the door… Thankfully, she was still there, so I asked if I could have my post directly. She kindly obliged me. 

I got my palette out of the postal packaging, and was pleased to find the seller included a couple samples of Korean moisturizer with my palette. 

Anyway, I tried taking photos of it in all it’s stages (in the box, unboxed, and opened), but my hands are trembling more than usual today, and all I got were blurry photos. That being said, I borrowed a couple of photos of it; one depicting it in the three, states I tried to do, and one is a colour key. 

So, without further ado, I present to you the Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom palette! 

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself, you can buy one directly from Etude House, on EBay, and Sehoon Yolo. I’m sure there are other sites you can find that sell it if you do some googling. 


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