BoxyCharm? A New Subscriber’s Nightmare 

On 14 April, I signed up for a monthly subscription with BoxyCharm (a subscription service that gives the subscriber four or five full-size and luxury-size items in a box each month for $21 a month.) Since that day, I have not had a pleasurable experience with them. 

First off, they don’t even acknowledge on my account profile that I’ve subscribed for a monthly account. It says I have no subscriptions even though I went through the entire process of enrolling for a monthly subscription. I’ve emailed them about this and have never received an answer as to why. 

Secondly, I’m on a waiting list, and they neither have protocols in place for subscribers to get themselves off of the list (such as by following their social media pages or posting to your social media pages that you’ve subscribed) nor do they apparently have no system in place which would allow them to notify new subscribers of when they will be removed from the waiting list and begin receiving shipments… At least, that’s what they say in response to the emails I send them. 

To make matters worse, they are currently advertising on their homepage that there are a limited number of places still available to receive April’s box. If there are spaces available, then the question is why they did not give me one of those spots, knowing that I have newly subscribed. If there are not spaces available (which is what I have been told by representatives in response to my emails), then they are engaging in false advertising. 

Oh, and one cannot simply dial a phone number and speak with a representative; all communication is done by email, so one may have to wait a couple of days before receiving a reply (and those replies tend to be canned responses, not ones that read or feel like a genuine response, to your personal matter.)

One would think that they would want to make the subscription process as simple as possible and create ways to move new subscribers from the wait list to receiving shipments as quickly as possible, since, that’s better for their profit margin (subscribers do not begin paying until they begin receiving shipments.)  

Besides, providing consumers with painless, positive experiences makes them more likely to recommend the service by mouth, social media, blogs, etc. which can generate more subscribers and profit for them. 

In my latest email to them, I’ve mentioned all of this. I’ve also asked for a customer service representative to work with me to sort out when I will begin receiving shipments. Between you and me, if they cannot assure me I will receive May’s box and bill me for it, I will cancel my account with them and turn over all of my emails from them and screenshots talking about limited spaces still being available to the Better Business Bureau. A business like this should be able to inform new subscribers when their subscriptions will begin and they shouldn’t advertise about spots being available if there aren’t any. 

Until further notice, I recommend avoiding BoxyCharm 


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