Forget You, BoxyCharm, I’m Going With Julep Instead

After all of the drama, uncertainty, and poor customer service from BoxyCharm, I decided to find a new site to which to subscribe (because Ipsy and Deck of Scarlet aren’t enough.. LOL) 

After some searching, I came across Julep. They send a mixture of nail polish, makeup, and skincare in their monthly boxes. They have new subscribers take a questionnaire in order for them to know a subscriber’s preferences regarding makeup and nail polish, as well as, their skintone, hair colour, and eye colour. 

The two best aspects about Julep are that they don’t have a wait list… AND they give subscribers a timeframe in which they can exercise the option of personally selecting everything that goes into their next month’s box. If one subscribes late in the month, then they cannot exercise this option for their first box. They will have to wait until their second box. 

So, if you’re looking for a new beauty subscription service, I highly recommend Julep. I’m looking forward to receiving my first box and the free gift for joining (Korean skincare products adding up to around $130.)

Obviously, I also recommend Ipsy (which sends haircare, makeup, beauty tools, and/or skincare in their monthly Glam Bags, which are actual cosmetic bags and look different every month) and Deck of Scarlet (which is a BImonthly palette with everything one needs to create as, many looks as their imagination allows: three eye shadows, a, blush or bronzer,a highlighter, two lip colours, an eyeliner, and a lip liner as well.)


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