“Darkness” Perfume Oil Blend from The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab- A Review 

I recently discovered The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and their array of unique perfume oil blends. There were so many I wanted to buy, I had to mentally wrestle with myself to exercise some restraint and only purchase one. Darkness was the winner. 

What does Darkness smell like, you wonder.  Well, it smells of opium, narcissus, and myrrh blended together and made darker than black by some nefarious means. It’s a deep scent that takes one’s sense of smell and sends it straight inside a, mausoleum that’s never been opened… Or to the bed of an ailing ruler in the ancient times, when they’d burn such ingredients for medicinal purposes… Or to a Mediaeval cathedral where a censer is travelling through the aisles, filling the nave and apse with funerary incense during a funeral Mass… 

Put in simpler terms, it’s a deep scent reminiscent of incense. I love it. I’m definitely going to be purchasing more perfumes from them in the future. 


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