Another New Perfume with a Review 

This one is called “Silent Screen Vamp” and was purchased by SaraWen on Etsy

A description of the perfume (from SaraWen’s store): “Mysterious chypre, gardenia flower, and musk form the base and combine with rich chocolate, dangerous absinthe, and honeyed pepper. Top notes of ylang ylang and rose accord add more glamour to this sexy floriental scent.”

I like that every aspect of the scent can be perceived by the nose when smelling it. Some aspects (such as the gardenia) announce themselves more assertively while others (such as the absinthe) do so more subtly. It’s a very well balanced blend with every part dancing in perfect harmony with each other. 

I would certainly recommend it to anyone who likes bold floral and spice blends and wants a unique one whose scent actually does evoke the bygone era in its name. 


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