Mont Bleu All-In-One Foot Scraper and Callus Remover: A Review

I received a glass All-In-One Foot Scraper and Callus Remover from Mont Bleu for review purposes.

This is what mine looks like:

I’m going to spare you readers photos of my feet and go straight into the review:

It’s so incredibly gentle on the skin, you wouldn’t think it was doing anything until you saw a pile of dead skin under your foot. It didn’t bother my left foot much, which permanently hurts due to nerve damage and I barely felt it going across the skin on my right foot. There’s absolutely no risk of scraping too much or cutting or scratching the skin.  It works well with both wet and dry skin, so you can file away in the shower if you want. 

Honestly, I love this file. My mum can finally exfoliate my feet without me screaming in agony. 

I highly recommend this for anyone, but especially for people with sensitive feet or sensitive skin. It will not hurt you, I promise. 

If you’re interested in purchasing one from them directly, please go to Mont Bleu. Enter the code BLOG into your cart to save 20% 

If you’d rather shop on Amazon, then visit their shop

If you want to do wholesale purchasing or partner with them, then visit this site



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