Mont Bleu Glass Nail File- A Review 

I was given my file by Mont Bleu for review purposes. 

First and foremost, look at how beautiful it is; all dolled up with Swarovski crystals in a daisy design! I had a really difficult time putting it to use because I wanted to put it on display instead and preserve its pristine condition. I knew, however, that it had to be used, so I turned control of it over to my mum and asked her to do my nails….

This is the result of her handiwork:

The file cleaned underneath my natural nails thoroughly, painlessly, and easily. It scuffed up the tops of my natural nails without leaving a single mark on the file and shaped the tips with ease. It shaped the artificial nails I’m wearing into the stiletto style you see without any skipping, tugging, or sudden stops. It slid effortlessly across the nails with a minimum amount of exertion on my mum’s part… And when she was finished,  you couldn’t even tell the file had been used. There are no scuffs or other marks on it; its beauty is unchanged. 

My verdict: It works splendidly on both natural and artificial nails and doesn’t look “used” when you’re done. If you want to have a better manicure experience, this is the file for you. 

If you want to buy one of these files (or another one with a design you prefer), just go to Mont Bleu and order one. While you’re at it, enter the code BLOG in your cart to save 20%!

If you’d rather shop on Amazon, Mont Bleu is there too

If you want to make wholesale purchases or partner with them, just click here

After you’ve bought your lovely files, brushes, manicure sets, and/or compacts, be sure to show your support of Mont Bleu by following them on social media. 

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