Peachy Box: A Review

I recently subscribed for the Bellini (deluxe) version of Peachy Box, a new monthly subscription box that focuses on life as a whole, not just makeup. The Peach Bellini costs $34,99 each month, and it’s definitely worth the money. 

As I’d subscribed to receive the first box ever, I not only received the Bellini box, I got the smaller Peach Tart one too as a gift. 

In the photo above, you can see what I got in my Bellini box: a peach pin that says “Peachy Box” on it, two thank you cards, a travel-sized makeup brush kit, panda stickers, two shades of Japanese nail Polish, peach-scented hand cream from Korea in a peach-shaped container, Korean peach coloured clear lipstick with a flower inside (the lipstick takes on a pink hue based on the Ph level of your  body when applied), a lip moisturizing mask, a hydrating face mask, and a three step blackhead and pore minimizing mask. 

ALL THAT IN ONE BOX that shipped PROMPTLY (I was given a tracking number 1 or 2 June and received my box yesterday, 7 June) with NO problems whatsoever. 

Needless to say, I LOVE my Peachy Box and will be keeping my subscription. If you’re looking for a good box, I highly recommend this one. 


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