16 BRAND 16 Brickit Shadow Hit 10 Candy Rock- A Review 

I recently procured this palette from Beauty Box Korea, and we tried it out yesterday. Here are my impressions of the palette:

1. The eyeshadows (except for the last three) are not very pigmented, so it’s difficult to get a vibrant look. Adding to the difficulty is that all the colours have shimmer/frost to them. I understand it’s a pastel palette, but the colours should still pop. 

2. Despite the lack of pigmentation, they blend well. 

3. It’s a rainbow palette, and there’s no orange. Seriously? They give these four extra colours but not an orange? Yes, my eyes rolled as I typed that. 

There’s not really a lot to say about this palette, other than I think it would be better to use the colours as highlighters rather than eyeshadows. I’d recommend investing in a different pastel palette if you want a brighter result on your eyelids. 


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