My First Day Using Meaningful Beauty

Obviously, I’m not seeing results this quickly, but I thought I’d share my initial impressions of the products. 

1. A little goes a long way. It only requires 1-2 small pumps or a small squeeze to get enough product to do your entire face. For the eye serums, I needed an amount about the size of a quarter of a pea to cover the entire eye area. 

2. Nothing smells foul. The products have a smell, but it’s light and unobtrusive. 

3. Even on my sensitive Sjogren’s skin, none of the products caused any redness, itching, or burning. 

4. Even though one uses several products, it doesn’t take a lot of time to apply everything. It took a bit longer for me today because it was my first time and I had to read instructions. 

5. Once all the products have been applied, one’s face does not feel greasy or like it’s laden with products. One’s skin feels soft and moisturizes. That’s it. 

6. I wish the introductory shipment were full size instead of deluxe trial size. I’ll likely wind up requesting my first full size shipment earlier than 12 weeks, which is when it’s slated to be shipped. 

7. I wish the print on the containers were larger. When one is operating on only one cup of coffee and one’s brain hasn’t fully booted up, it can be difficult to read such small print. Aaa


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