The Two Salves By Which I Swear… 

As a sufferer of Sjögren’s Syndrome, I often get dry, raw, painful cracked areas of skin on my body. I’ve tried countless lotions, oils, and creams and they’d either not work or irritate my skin and make things worse by causing burning, itching, and/or blistering. 

Then one day, I was browsing Etsy, and I came across the shop Gypsy Moon Organics. They had (and still have) a salve called Sekhmet’s Touch, which is indicated for healing scars. They also had (and still have) Cupuaçu Butter balm at a reasonable price. Well, I bought the balm and got a free sample of Sekhmet’s Touch. 

Mum tried using Sekhmet’s Touch not just on a few scars I had, but on the dry, raw, cracked areas of skin I had. It helped both the scars and the patches of skin over time and regular use. I was so happy I’d found something that helped! I kept the owner of the shop up to date on how it was working on my skin and that I discovered her Cupuaçu Butter balm isn’t just good for lips; it’s wonderful on dry, chapped, raw eyelids. She thought it was great I found a new use for one of her products. 

Well, I was chatting online with the owner of the shop again recently and told her about my current batch of bad skin patches, and she decided to send me a full-size container of Snake Skin Remedy (which is indicated for eczema and dry skin) FOR FREE along with my order of Sekhmet’s Touch. 

I was elated the package arrived today so getting these bad skin patches healed could begin. They’re just smoothed over the affected areas; no need to massage them in. They do not sting, burn, or cause any discomfort. In fact, they create a protective barrier on the bad patches so they hurt less while the product slowly absorbs into the skin. 

I highly recommend anyone with patches of dry, cracked skin, eczema, and/or scars* give these products a try in tandem. 

*I’ve only tried Sekhmet’s Touch on small scars. It healed them. I can’t speak for large or deep scars. 


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