Today’s Look

As always, makeup and hair are courtesy of my mum. If you want to know which products are used, ask. 

Mont Bleu All-In-One Foot Scraper and Callus Remover: A Review

I received a glass All-In-One Foot Scraper and Callus Remover from Mont Bleu for review purposes. This is what mine looks like: I’m going to spare you readers photos of my feet and go straight into the review: It’s so incredibly gentle on the skin, you wouldn’t think it was doing anything until you saw…

Today’s Look

This is what Mum created on my face. I hope you like it. If you want to know which products were used, please ask. 

My Latest Nails

They are the “Black Swan”design from KaitlinsDesignerNail on Etsy.  I highly recommend going to her Etsy shop and purchasing your press-on/glue-on nails. Here’s why.  1. Her nail designs have been featured numerous times in both industry magazines and beyond.  2. Not only is she a licensed nail artist, she’s a licensed instructor.  3. She’s reasonably…

Hell Perfume: A Review

This is my latest perfume acquisition: Hell from Parfums Corania, made around 1995. I was fortunate enough to find a full, unused bottle from The Nine of Cups on Etsy.  Whatever you think it smells like is probably wrong. It smells like a beautiful floral arrangement with lily of the valley at the forefront, or like…

Another New Perfume with a Review 

This one is called “Silent Screen Vamp” and was purchased by SaraWen on Etsy.  A description of the perfume (from SaraWen’s store): “Mysterious chypre, gardenia flower, and musk form the base and combine with rich chocolate, dangerous absinthe, and honeyed pepper. Top notes of ylang ylang and rose accord add more glamour to this sexy floriental…

Today’s Look

Here’s what Mum created today using the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, among other products. If you want the entire list, just ask.  Anyway, enjoy! 

My Free Gift From Joining Julep 

I love my free gift for joining Julep I received an oxygen nail treatment, a lip oil treatment, a detoxifying cleansing stick, a night sleeping masque, and a charcoal konjac sponge!  Here’s what it all looks like 

Today’s Look

Mum made me look quite lovely today, I think. The first two photos are ones Mum took of me in bed. The third is a hand-drawn effect from the Meitu app. If you’re interested in finding out which products Mum used to achieve my look, feel free to ask. 

Forget You, BoxyCharm, I’m Going With Julep Instead

After all of the drama, uncertainty, and poor customer service from BoxyCharm, I decided to find a new site to which to subscribe (because Ipsy and Deck of Scarlet aren’t enough.. LOL)  After some searching, I came across Julep. They send a mixture of nail polish, makeup, and skincare in their monthly boxes. They have new subscribers take a questionnaire in…